Monday, July 20, 2009

Dustin and I went up to snowflake this weekend to get out of the heat and help my mom paint the porches. We went to Ace and got all our supplies and were ready to knock it out and chill with Kaddy, who drove over from Holbrook to kick it with us too. The paint sprayer
my mom bought for Christmas sucked and so we started painting by hand and taking turns trying to figure out how to make the paint sprayer work. I started doing the trim work on the front edge on the most unstable ladder I've ever climbed. So... I decided to paint for the roof after being more than half way done. We all got frustrated with painting so we quit for the day and got pizza. The next day mom rented a nice sprayer form Home Depot and Dustin got that place lookin sexy in no time. Thanks babe!


  1. Wow! We look hot with our eye wear on!!!! Sexy Sexy!!

  2. Where are the pictures of your cute new puppy???