Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wed after scouts last week Dustin suprised me with an 8 week old back lab. He took her home, bathed her and dropped her off at our friend Dan and Lissa'a house so he could suprise me (and so she wouldn't be home alone). We went over there and she was playing with Camden (their 2 yr old) on the floor and she was so cute. Shortly after Dustin leaned over and said, "She's yours". I flipped out and told him to shut up as I punched him in the arm with excitement. I immediately picked her up and we started kissing. It was love at first sight. I couldn't get enough of her. We took her home and named her Betsy and she quickly has become a member of our family!


  1. AWWW!!! She is so cute!! Thats makes me so sad that we got rid of Roxy (our lab)....
    PS love your blog!!!! We miss you guys!!!! come visit... we would go there but its way to hot there right now!! LOVE YOU!!!!