Friday, August 14, 2009

This last weekend we went back up to Snowflake to chill with a few friends and enjoy the cool weather... and oh was it cool. Rachel and Jacob drove up late friday to join us and Kaddy came sat. For the most part we just hung out, played games, watched movies and took naps. Sat it was cool enough at night that we built a small fire and chilled outside. Betsy loved running around the yard and feeling free, we got some good potty training in too. We put her up our shirts to keep her warm, she was cool with it for a while but I'm sure felt too restricted. She warmed up to everyone there very easily. Rachel doesn't like to touch dogs cause they're dirty and she feels she has to constantly wash her hands... we converted her :) It was a nice weekend but by sunday I think we were feeling a little bored, so us girls hit up the dollar store for some Mentos and Coke. It was a cheap and short lived thrill but we definately made it rain coke out in the yard :) We will definately have to go up there and chill with friends again soon.


  1. It was such a fun weekend!!! You do need to come up more often!!

  2. found your blog, looks great guys. sure do love ya!!