Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I know I'm lame and I haven't been on here... but I'll try to update you for the last two months.
Julie and Scott (M & D Herron) came to visit and we had a great time with them hangin out and going bowling, etc. When they left they took our cat Gato, which I know Betsy is glad but we were a little sad... since then betsy's become the queen of the Condo, not really but she thinks so.
Dustin and I both had birthdays about three weeks ago... I'm now 26 and D is 25. Dustin got me a Potters Wheel and I booked a one night stay at a nice private casita in scottsdale(Sorry no pics from that) . We've been having lots more fun with the lights out since that weekend!!!
I've been doing lots of cleaning thanks to our destructive puppy... but it also gave me the idea to redecorate and do some deep cleanin. I may do more decorating with the help of one of my sisters when I get all my stuff together. Aside from all this exciting stuff, D and I mostly just like chillin at home together, sittin on the porch enjoyin the cool weather, playin Wii, takin Betsy on walks and watchin our shows...

P.S. we're both workin on losing a few lbs for Christmas in Cali... Dustin-6, Me-1

Dustin's lettin it all grow out....

I shouldn't leave the garbage outside the door, duh...

Besty got into our stash of TP

Dustin brought home balloons for me Yeah!!!

I love that wheel...

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  1. Dude, you need to put that dog in a kennel while you're gone. She does some major destruction! Holy bananas Dustin's beard is long. Doesn't that hurt when he's kissing you and ya know doing other stuff? And one other question, do you have fun with the lights on as well?