Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dustin and I have gotten into this routine where we work 9-5 everyday, come home and just play with Betsy the rest of the night. I know it sounds kinda sad but we're dog ppl and we're weird in our own right. She was spoiled and got to go to the dog park 3 times this week... and she's almost up to 40lbs. We need a kid... It's almost pathetic how much love and attention this dog gets :)

We took Rock and Reagan with us to the dog park on saturday and we all had a blast. The kids threw the ball in the pond and Betsy brought it back. We ate lunchables and hummus before going to the kid park (at the dog park). Reagan scared the crap out of me with her "I can do everything my brother can do", mentality.

<>I climbed up and down that web 8 times with Reagan for fear of her falling and me not being there to catch her before she gets a rope to the throat... not to be graphic... thats what would really happen tho. Aside from that we all love the dog park and we've converted my brother and cousins into the bliss of it too :)

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  1. Pet owners, ugh so weird! haha ;) Looks like you have been havin fun with your puppy :) I bet she was tired after playin with the kids that day!!