Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh so much to catch up on after neglecting my blog for a year and a half! Well, here goes......

Dustin and I loved our Condo, it felt more like a loft, but Betsy needed a yard and I needed grass to mow to feel whole..... so June 2010 we move into "The Date St House"

We loved our first house with the big backyard and trees. No joke, there is a grapefruit tree in the backyard that is perfect for climbing..... so quess what I did the day we moved in? Thats right... I climbed as high as I could and just sat up there feeling like the biggest kid in the world. Dustin couldn't find me even with me yelling for him, and when he finally did, he hung his head in laughter :) Later that day he climbed the tree too.

Well shortly after moving in we decided Betsy was all alone in that big backyard and needed a friends so dustin searched for a week or so and we went out and picked up our new puppy Stella. Another female black lab. We took Betsy and Dustin's mom with us to pick her up and on the way out there we were bouncing names around and Dustin shouted out Stella, and it stuck. We couldn't think of a better name and it suites her just right. Betsy and Stella quickly became best friends.

Life was good and getting better all the time (Aside from training a new puppy and going through the chewing stage again!!!) Well, in cristening everyroom in our new house, we got pregnant after only three weeks of living there!!! And after only being off birth control for six weeks!!! Can you say Fertile Myrtle! We were so excited and so nervous too after having 2
miscarriages. I felt like I was walking on eggshells with my body everyday and poor dustin, I barely let him touch me for the first 12 weeks out of pure fear of losing that baby too.

Three weeks after finding out we were pregnant, Dustin and I were sealed in the Mesa Temple. It was the most peaceful feeling knowing that we would be together forever and that this baby growing inside me was now sealed to us even if we lost that one too!!!

We got to 12 weeks and all was still good. I swore we were having a girl, and for the first time in my life I actually wanted a girl and all the cute things that came with one. Well at 20 weeks, we took bets and went in the find out...... Sure enough, I WAS WRONG!!! And relieved, I dont know what I would have done with a girl!!!

He was quite a mover and a shaker. All in all I had a fairly easy pregnancy, despite getting gestational diabetes. I gained 38lbs and like any other pregnant girl had a difficult time with the weight gain. At 37 weeks and 4 days I went in for my weekly check up and doctor told me we need to get him out TOMORROW!!!!! I had developed Pre-eclampsia and my blood pressure was getting dangerouly high. I left the doctor and told Dustin to meet me at home to get my bag and head to the hospital... He was speechless and so nervous! When I got home he was already there pacing around the living room waiting for me, not knowing what to do with himself! We made calls to family and friends to give them the news, grabbed our bag and off we went to the hospital. They pumped me full of meds to bring down my blood pressure and it made me so sick. I was scheduled for a C-section at 5pm the next day and just had to "get some rest" till then. Nurses dont really let you rest in a hospital, I dont know why they even say to rest when you both know they are going to come in every hour or so and bother you! The day was long and miserable and Dustin was such a trooper. I couldn't eat or drink and felt like I would die of dehydration. So everytime I got to go to the bathroom I'd sneak a drink out of the faucet just to maintain sanity lol :)

Just after 6pm they wheeled me into the OR and I was so ready to get him out I didn't care if they completely cut me in half and sewed me back together to get him out! The only thing I was really nervous about was choking, cause I was still throwing up from the meds and they were about to lay me flat on my back.... Fortunately, they didn't restrain one of my arms so I could hold my bucket and that madae me feel better. After getting all numbed up they let NERVOUS Dustin in the room and the look on his face was one of sure terror. I almost think he needed me more than I needed him!!! But it made me feel so much more at ease having him there. Before we knew it Elliott Scott Herron was being held up for us to see. My first thought when he came up over that curtain was, "He's so little". I couldn't believe I was a mom and the baby crying and getting cleaned up over in the corner was mine. I told Dustin to go be with him and let him hear your voice and see your face. I stared at the clock just focusing on my breathing and the sound of his cry. I wanted to hold him and kiss him and make it all better, but needed the shock to wear off first and my belly sewn shut. The next couple hours started to get a little blurry as I layed in recovery with family coming in to visit and see our new little man. We had some goodskin to skin time and never wanted to let him go!!! Look at him, would you want to let this angel go? He was 5.8lbs and 19in long. SO SO SO SO LITTLE!!!

He was perfect! Athough very small he was healthy and happy, and we were ready to take him home and start our family! I had him Wed. March 9, 2011 and we got to go home sat afternoon. We took him home and I couldn't stop looking at him. I didn't want the TV on or music playing, we just had this peaceful reverence in the house that I didn't want to go away! Over the next two days I became more and more sick and my eclampsia had not gone away. We left Elliott with Dustin's sister while D took me back to the hospital. I stayed for two days heavily medicated without my boys. Dustin was an AMAZING stay at home dad. He slept on the couch with Elliott on his chest both nights, brought him to visit mt and even took him to his first doctors appt. My sweet mom stayed with me so Dustin could stay home with his mom there supporting and helping him. I tried to be strong by broke down crying by the 2nd night. They let my go home with lots of meds the next day and I was Stoked! Now recovery and our new life could begin!!!

He had lots of visitors and started growing fast! He stayed in premie clothes till he was 4 to 5 weeks old. Just look how big that passy is in his mouth at 9 days old!

A few weeks later we moved again to "The 4th Pl House". We've been here for about three months now and I'm still not done decorating, but I'll get there soon. After being here a week and our "Big Puppy" Stella still chewing everything in sight, including poopy diapers, we decided to give her to a family who has time for her. We gave her to our friends Brian and Suzanne and they adore her. Dustin and I cried the first night she was gone but her being gone has taken so much stress out of our house.

Elliott is now almost 5 months old and 16lbs. He has tripled his birth weight and although wasn't for the first two and a half months, is now one of the happiest babies I know. He sleeps in his own crib in his room, talks all day long and can poop with the best of them. He sings the hymn with us at church on sunday and is already flirting with the girls, Heaven help us!!! He knows how to roll and has done it once, but wont do it again, which is fine by me. The longer it takes him to become mobile, the better for us :)

I'm so glad I got this all off my chest and can sit down and blog again!!! I'll keep you updated on our life and what Elliott's getting into next. Peace and Love!

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