Monday, August 29, 2011

All Smiles

Lissa - Apple, Thanks for the comments. My lesson yesterday went so much better than I thought it would. I started out by telling the girls that I've never taught anyone over the age of 5, so if I end short of time, I had crayons and a picture for them to color to take home to show their parents... They got a good laugh out of it. I fumbled a bit at first but it really started to flow after about ten minutes. There were only two girls and I had two other leaders in there, so it turned into a smal discussion and was really fun. Everyone participated and helped fill the time. We discussed seeing and treating other people in our life, as the Savior would see and treat us. A lot of it was focussed on including other people we wouldn't normally befriend. I felt inspired to share a few stories of my own that I hadn't thought of until I was in the middle of my lesson. It felt really good. I handed out a little paper they could hang on the mirror and read every morning that read "Make Somebody Feel Special Today", and a pack of gum. The gum was not only for their enjoyment, but also a tool for striking up conversations with girls who could use a friend. I enjoyed teaching way more than I thought I would and am actually excited to teach again in a few weeks...

....As for me going crazy and running to the bar, dont be worried, I'm not going to do anything dumb!!! How could I when I have this little man to laugh at and play with every!

Plus my sexy husband is really good at talking me through any hole that I've dug myself in and making me feel like I'm worth all the love and blessings that I've been given! Thanks Babe, I Love you SOOOOOOO Much!!!


  1. Yeah...I'm so glad it went well. Sounds like you had some really good ideas. I wish I were sitting in on the discussion with you guys!

  2. Just answered my question by reading your next blog!