Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Crafts, Hobbies and Projects!!!

Lately I've needed to stay busy and I can only clean my house everyday for so long so, these are a few fun ideas I've stolen from online and a few I'm just taking on myself. This first one I stole and it was really pretty fun to do. It took a few minutes before the crayons started melting but when they did, they were splattering all over. I like how it turned out but if I do it again, I'll stop the blow dryer before the crayons hit the bottom and leave more canvas showing. The other canvas board has my handprint. I want to put one of Elliotts hands and a foot print, Dustin's handprint, our family name and the date before I hang it up. The potters wheel is mine and I've been neglecting it since before I got pregnant. Now that I dont have a belly or a newborn its time to get my wheels turning again!!! Christmas presents here I come. And last but not least, I'm re-teaching myself to play the piano. I took lessons from a neighbor down the street as a kid, but many days I'd stop and play at a friends house, never making it all the way to my lesson. I've played music most of my life so hopefully I can pick it up again with not too much difficulty. These are just a few things I'm working on with many more on my list to create or learn like, sewing, quilting, re-learning the guitar and getting back on my TREDMILL!!!


  1. your crayon canvas looks good! I love how every single one i've seen looks different!

  2. Just found your blog through Tiff's. I want to learn to quilt too!! Let's start a quilting bee. haha no, seriously...