Friday, May 25, 2012

New Things

For Mother's day Dustin got me exactly what I wanted....... a Base guitar!!! Isn't it beautiful!!! I dont care for flower and chocolate, I want something I can really enjoy. Dustin has already taught me so much and I love being able to jam with him. Playing music together is how we got started.

We decided this year with our tax return we needed to upgrade our family vehicle. We looked for weeks and debated back and forth on what to get. We read reviews and talked to friends who had vehicles we were interested in ..... and this vehicle wasn't even on our list of possibilities but we have had it for a week and already love it!!! We bought an 01 Isuzu Trooper. We named it The Super Trooper!!!

I'm going to miss my Camry, I practically lived in that car for a couple years before I had Elliott. It's been good to me but I have a really good feeling our Super Trooper will treat us better. I love having cargo space in the back for Betsy so when we take her to the dog park she doesn't have to sit next to Elliott and get hair all over my seats!!!

This summer I plan on getting Elliott started on mom taught swim lessons. We just started practicing in our kiddi pool and we have some swim play dates planned for the big pools too.

Sorry I couldn't get him to look at me, he's too busy and moves so fast, but dont you just love those BUNS! and chubby body . He loves the water and I'm excited for him to work on his swimming. I know he's a bit young but isn't that when you should teach them, I've already got him doing chores at 14 months old.... lol, I'm probably going to be a strict mom...
Anyway, those are all the new things going on at our house and I'll try not to go months before I blog again!

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  1. Oh my gosh I need to pinch his cute little buns!